Reinvent Your Living Room with Modern Furniture

A living room redesign can be a welcome innovation you didn’t know you needed. The project of creating a practical and stylish living room outfitted with modern furniture and creative details is an investment in a more fulfilling home life. After all, a living room is the heart of your home, so why not also make it its centerpiece?

Whether you are looking to embark on a simple, budget-friendly touch-up with slight modifications or have the enthusiasm and the means for a more ambitious full-on makeover, reinventing your living room can be a refreshing change that can raise your comfort to a whole new level. 

Focus on what you want your living room to be, and not on how to incorporate what’s trending in the world of interior design at all costs. The bottom line is to organize and decorate your living room space in accordance with your lifestyle, your day-to-day needs and style preferences, which may or may not fit in with the latest living room design trends. You’re doing this for you, not just for show, although having awesome end-results to show off at the end of it all is an amazing perk! 

Stay tuned and check out our top picks for modern living room redesign.

Boho-inspired living room design

Balance color and texture to achieve quirky yet relaxed Boho chic style, an interior design trend that seems to be here to stay. It also enables you to think outside the box. Modern furniture items such as multifunctional bar carts that can be tucked away easily are a great element for a Boho-inspired living room.

Go art deco for a touch of glamor 

A contemporary Art Deco-inspired living room brings old-fashioned glamor into your home. It gives you a taste of luxury while allowing you to incorporate old and new furniture items such as a luxurious ottoman or a stylish plush chair into the design, giving the room a lush yet cozy feel.

Neutral tones with a pop of color

A classic, neutral color scheme in your living room can be chic and give the room a bright, airy vibe. Combine it with furnishings in vibrant colors to make the room come alive. This is also the way to go if you’re indecisive and want to have the option to redecorate on a smaller scale every now and then.

A fresh take on traditional living room design

The retro feel of traditional living room elements can give the room warmth and make it cosy and inviting, while details such as accent chairs can give it character. Put a contemporary spin on the room’s overall vibe with modern furnishings that serve multiple functions and help minimize clutter.

Black and white: a timeless combination

If a combination never goes out of style, it’s black and white. Elegant and sophisticated or hip and quirky? It’s up to you. Go for a low-maintenance black sectional and metallic accents that will look superb against white walls. Want to take it up a notch and achieve a bold, eye-catching look? Incorporate a striking rug and cushions in blocks of colors to add texture and tie it all together.

Minimalism at its finest

If you want your room to be modern and functional, opt for light-toned wood floors, Scandinavian ultra-minimalist style-inspired furniture in shades of grey with a glass-and-metal coffee-table. Go for interesting wallpapers, accessories or artwork to add detail. 

Go all out with an explosion of textures and colors

If your ideal living room design is eclectic and consists of miscellaneous elements, just go for it. Contrasting textures and colors add to the room’s visual appeal. To learn more about how to combine various pieces of modern furniture for a tasteful and exciting mix-and-match, click here